30 August 2009

white sangria...mmmmm

Like so many good things, this recipe was adapted from Everyday Food. This delicious beverage was once again enjoyed on the back deck, in the night time, Achy + me, Jenny + Kemi, alongside some bleu-cheeseburgers. Shutup.

For the pitcher-full:

1/2 cup white sugar
1/2 cup brandy
Let these sit for 5 minutes for sugar to dissolve, then add:

2 bottles of white wine (we used pinot grigio)
2 peaches (or similar stone fruit)
2-3 sprigs of fresh mint

Note: this was a little heavy on the wine, light on the brandy for the tastebuds of Achy and I. As Aunt Becky always says: don't be chintzy with the liquor!

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