30 August 2009

spicy pear mojitos

These cocktails weren't consumed on the back deck -- they were sucked down in bed, watching TV, exhausted. Forgive the photography.

The exciting thing: we got a soda maker from SkyMall (don't hate). Once the water is carbonated, you can add whatever you want. We got crazy and poured in some of the chipotle infused simple syrup I'd made, and voila! Chipotle soda.

Surprisingly, we were kind of stumped from there about what to DO with chipotle soda. Enter Spicy Pear Mojitos.

Muddle 1 shot pear puree/syrup with one sprig fresh mint. Add 1.5 shots light rum (I used 10 Cane), and top off with chipotle soda.

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